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Tree removal though not a decision to take lightly, is sometimes entirely necessary. Common situations that necessitate removal include:

  • Crowding among trees in tight areas.
  • Major storm damage that is beyond repair.
  • Overgrown roots posing foundational threats.
  • Landscape renovations that would compromise trees.
  • Trees leaning toward sensitive targets (ie. houses, pools, patios).

Before removing any tree, we’ll thoroughly evaluate its size, location accessibility and any potential risk the project might pose to property and staff. We’ll also verify that it’s structurally sound to support the weight of a climber PLUS the weight of all cut branches, as they are lowered via rigging rope.

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Request A Quote

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Once a comprehensive assessment has been completed, we’ll determine the proper method for safely extracting the tree from the area.

Project times vary according to difficulty, but removals take 1-2 days on average.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured?

Are you bonded?

How long does it take?
Most projects are completed in one day.

What form of payment do you accept?
We accept payment by cash, check and all major credit cards.

Is there a right time of year to trim my trees?
We advise giving us a call to determine the best approach for your specific tree needs.

How long does it take to get something scheduled?
Depending upon time of year, we can usually accommodate within 1 week of initial request.